Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello, happy Mournday everyone! Chill lah, We're approaching the end of Ramadhan already. Time flies, doesn't it? So how's your Raya preparation? I hope all goes well. This is the most exciting week I've been waiting for, Nah, it's not what you think, I don't feel like Raya-ing this year. I sorta realized that the great feelings of anticipation before Raya was diminished bit by bit as I grew older. I don't know why. Maybe it's just me. I'd rather choose bras over baju raya, can you imagine? I do feel bad, yes but I can't lie to myself or anyone else. Or else I will be faking myself and eating kuih raya all day long to keep myself occupied. Haha. I hate pretending that I care when I don't so please stop pushing me. Blame my immaturity/disability at the time of not knowing how to adapt myself to different circumstances in order to respond effectively to the needs of others. Hell, I ain't born to please anyone here. I choose who to love, What I want, Where I go. Haha yeah I know sometimes I sound like a douchebag to you, ade aku kisah? Akuhidupsorang-sorangbayarbillssorang-sorangadeplakkaukisah? SO STFU.

Eh lupa nak citer apsal excited, since kerja ni hari yang paling aku tunggu adalah hari bayaran! Yes. Nasib tempat keje aku bayar gaji awal macam ala-ala government sangat you oll.

Nah inilah all payments that need to be settled every month:

1. Room rental: RM400.00
2. Car loan: RM586.00
3. Petrol: Roughly RM150.00
4. LRT Car Park: Roughly RM60.00
5. LRT: Roughly RM 51.20
6. Food: Roughly M400.00

TOTAL : RM1,647.20! KA-CHING $$!
All the above items are being calculated on a monthly basis. Titik noktah.
So kau paham macam mane sengkek-nye aku towards month end. Nasib la company ni cover my phonebills RM200 monthly plus I've got the so-called privilege that allows me to claim certain expenses. Shhhhh, enough already, I think I'm revealing to much of my KE-SENGKEK-KAN here.

So many things can happen in the blink of an eye kan.*tibe-tibe* Aku malas nak tulis lagi. Citer lain hari. Tata.


Azam said...

LRT roughly.. tapi ada doplo sen :p

Shake said...

Haha (RM1.60x2)X16days: RM51.20.
List tu basic.Belum masuk car park kat kl,shopping barang kepeluan etc.

Bottom line: Jadi student lagi best. -_______-